Vax och lack har blivit godkänt!

Bild och text kommer ifrån här

Roliga nyheter för alla Chalk Paint älskare! 
Annies Sloans Soft wax samt Laquer har blivit i dagarna godkända som leksakssäkra enligt standarden
BS EN 71-3:2013. Färgen blev ju tidigare godkänt i år som du kan läsa mer om nedan , kopierat från Annie Sloans Facebooksida.

Calling all Mums (and Dads)! I can now confirm what I've always been saying... my paint, Chalk Paint®, has been independently certified as 'toy safe' according to strict European standards. Random samples of my paint were evaluated by one of Europe’s leading testing houses who have confirmed full compliance with BS EN 71-3:2013.

Remember, Chalk Paint® is completely non-toxic and has very low VOCs. It is lead-free, odour-free and EG-free. Feel free to visit the Chalk Paint website to download our Material Data Safety Sheets: http://chalkpaint.com/

And just for a little inspiration, here's a picture of my granddaughter's high chair that I painted in Chalk Paint®, of course.

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