To be or not to be

yeah, yeah, you know the next bit.

Will we have frock shop (damkläderavdelning) ready this week or not?

It´s looking hopeful, but I can´t say for certain before tomorrow. Talk about last-minute...although, to be honest, last-minute is the story of my life, kind of.

Here are a couple of the gorgeous items of clothing which you may be able to see at Storegården from this week (otherwise, next week). All pictures from Line of Oslo:

Personally I prefer the sweaters and blouses without the addition of a silly hat with a feather in it. Neither do I recommend standing on a vintage leather chesterfield in high heels - but what do I know? (Just don´t even think about standing on our beloved chesterfield with that sweater on!!) 

I´ll be back tomorrow with a final decision about when we´re opening.

2 kommentarer:

Cecilias inredning sa...

Vad kul att ni ska ha Line of Oslo! Måste kika förbi!

Sarah James Larsson sa...

Ja, med flera familjmedlemmar kanske?? Stort grattis till er lille Olle.