In Stockholm it´s sunny and warm

...well when I was there yesterday it was anyhow.

I was there to visit an agent for a clothing brand to see the collection for Spring/Summer and to meet another agent, this time for wallpaper & fabrics.

Agent nr. 1 (clothing) was sadly a wasted trip. The new collection was a big disappointment. According to the agent (who was as sour as a lemon when I said I couldn´t find very much I liked) everyone else loves the collection and I just have no idea what I´m doing when it comes to buying. I don´t think she likes me very much. It will be interesting to see how well this collection sells next Spring and Summer - in all the other shops, where they just love it. My bet is there will be lots and lots of it appearing in the Spring and Summer sales. But I may be completely wrong.

Agent nr. 2. Big hit. Loved everything, but won´t be starting with the part of the wallpaper collection where the wallpaper is like 1.200:- (about £100) per meter. Instead I´ve ordered the two main catalogues. And the name of the brand? Lewis & Wood. Here come some images from their website:

Oh, I´m going to enjoy working with these. What a wonderful way to offer a room some real character (and with a witty edge on some of the designs - a bit Paul Smith-ish somehow). Imagine how you could instantly transform a room in a bland, modern home. 

Time to sleep. I need to catch up with all my painting projects tomorrow. Good night.

2 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I LOVE Lewis & Wood!
Perfect for your(and mine?!?!) new hotel.
A nice day to you!!
All the best //Christopher

Man tänker sitt: /Tove sa...

Dessa tapeter är såå lovely! Vår son fick välja mellan ridande jaktgubbar i hatt, jaktgubbar i hatt på marken eller fiskande gubbbar med hatt. Det blev ridgubbarna. Vi sa att det var alla barntapeter det fanns att välja på! Kanske inte riktigt sant... Bilder finns i min blogg om man klickar "hemma hos oss".