I adore...

...my new grey chesterfield sofa. I do, I do. It looks so good in the sitting room in the shop.Will try to remember to take a photo today and will post here a.s.a.p.

We had a power cut yesterday. It lasted for ages. Can you imagine how much fun a café (or a shop for that matter) is with no power? It was also dark. Really we should have had torches to give out to our visitors so that they could  find their way around in the dark.

So what was the first thing we did when the power came back? Do you think we took care of our lovely visitors or quickly vacuumed the floors in the shop (which really needed it after having sofas and other large items of furniture thrown around on them earlier in the day). Oh no. We put the kettle on and made coffee for ourselves. It´s frightening how not being able to have a cup of coffee makes you really, really desperate for the stuff. What´s the phrase? - "absence makes the heart grow stronger". And that coffee tasted very good indeed.

I shall now return to the painting of walls. Hope I get it finished soon. It´s getting slightly depressing wandering around in my painting outfit the whole time. I yearn to put on clothing without paint stains.

Onwards and upwards!

You may be surprised to learn that the photo below does NOT depict me painting the walls. It is someone else, somewhere else. Pity. Nice wall.

Photo: freshome.com

2 kommentarer:

S o F sa...

Hallå där Sarah!

Vilken vacker målning du visar i inlägget. Indeed. :)

Jag och en väninna planerar ett besök hos dig framöver, men visst har du väl stängt till framåt mitten av september?
Vet du vilket datum du öppnar igen?

Lycka till med fortsatt målande!

Sarah James Larsson sa...

Visst är den fin.
Vi har öppet hela året. De första 4 åren stängde vi under januari och februari, men inte nu längre. Vi har aldrig haft stängt under hösten. Du kanske förväxlade oss med någon annan affär? Vi har alltid öppet torsdag & fredag 12-17 lördag och söndag 12-16 - så du hinner. Precis när som helst. Ses.