A dog´s life

Stressful, messy, frustrating day today.
I feel the need for a moan.
Do you mind? (Warning: If you do, stop reading NOW!)

* A floor I´ve painted in the shop doesn´t want to "stick" (I was sure that the previous paint wasn´t oil-based, but I´m beginning to suspect I was wrong about that). I also dropped the top part of a corner cupboard on the floor. The cupboard broke, my hand and arm got bashed and I screamed bad words in English. They didn´t make me feel any better. Unfortunately. I suppose I should console myself with the knowledge that it could have been worse. I could have a broken arm now instead of a bruised one.
* I had a HUGE delivery of new goods. I mean really, really HUGE. Nothing wrong with that apart from the fact that when the delivery lorry door opened it looked like a crazy giant had packed the goods. Sofas balancing precariously, 3 meters up, on top of a pile of boxes containing glassware and rather delicate dining chairs. Big holes in the sides of boxes - the exact shape, size of truck arms. They must have been in a mad rush when they packed these goods. And they obviously don´t care about breaking them - many of the boxes which were most squashed and damaged have the text "FRAGILE" printed on them in huge red letters. So tomorrow I can look forward to opening boxes full of broken stuff.
* I have also enjoyed calling a number of my suppliers for our new clothing department only to find out that various items are late, delayed or best of all, just haven´t made it to production (HELLO PEOPLE! What about informing customers who´ve placed orders that the stuff they´ve ordered doesn´t exist at the same time you make the decision to not produce them instead of waiting until the customer is sitting there, clothes hanger in hand, waiting for the garment to be delivered. Not the best form of customer support!).
* And it rained. And rained. And rained. And it was windy too.

Fortunately not all days are as shitty as today and on the plus side, tomorrow has got to be better than today. And I didn´t break my arm when the cupboard fell and I´m not ill, and the family are all fine. I´m very lucky.

But on days like today I must admit to dreaming about being a dog.

Yes, that´s right. A dog.

But not just any old dog. On days like today I would seriously consider becoming this dog that we saw in a window overlooking the river in Bruges, Belgium:

(Bilder: Mathilda Ohlsson Larsson)

Looks like a pretty good dog´s life to me.

4 kommentarer:

Cornelias hemligheter sa...

Uscha vilken dag, Sarah! Ingen tröst kanske men som talesättet säger; Efter regn kommer solsken!

Och faktiskt så tror jag att det skall bli fint väder i morgon. Jag hoppas att det även gäller allt annat än vädret för din del! :-)

Kram Connie

Ps.Fina kort Mathilda tog på hunden!

S o F sa...

Vilken dag...men snart är den slut. ;)

Underbar bild på hunden, han ser ut att ha det bättre än bäst.

Varma kvällshälsningar!

House of Eden Interiör sa...

Oh happy day........
Take a lovely cup of tea,
a creamy bun, and dream of a better day.

Sarah James Larsson sa...

Conny - visst är bilden härlig. Det blev mycket bättre dagen efter förresten. Kram på dig.
SoF - du har så räät. Det bästa med dåliga dagar är att de måste ta slut inom 24 timmar! He, he:)
Christopher - tea always helps Brits. It is our very own Prozac, without prescription. Your dog (Bentley) is beautiful by the way & has such a lovely nature. Aren´t dogs great inventions!