Today was better than yesterday. A lot better thank you. And thank you everyone who emailed me words of encouragement or left comments of encouragement.

Now I´ve found a new place to moan - HERE! No one listens at home. What d´ya mean, "perhaps that´s because you moan all the time"?? Not true. But it´s good to know that I can get sympathy and wise words of advice here. So thank you. And beware! I may need you again soon.

So today I´ve been unpacking boxes. Of course I should be painting my soon-to-be-a-clothes-shop room, but that boxes have to be dealt with first. Most suppliers demand that you report any damages within the first few days of receiving the goods or they will refuse to discuss returns, etc. It´s a bit tough for a small business. We don´t have a staff of thousands manning the warehouse. Oh, but unpacking is such fun (mostly - except if lots of stuff is broken). Like a kind of Christmas Eve feeling (or Christmas day in the UK - we open gifts there a day later than here in Sweden).

So, what´s my favorite thing from this week´s deliveries? Well of course there are a few, but if I absoloutely had to choose just one thing it would be this lovely chesterfield sofa in a fab mid-grey coloured wool flannel:
I am playing with the idea of filling it with my Thierry Poncelet dog cushions.

What do you think?

Now I must return to my boxes in the warehouse.
See you later!

2 kommentarer:

Man tänker sitt: /Tove sa...

Och vart får man tag på dessa fina kuddar? Vi har en soffa onekligen mycket lik den du visar me mer välvd i ryggen och obestämbart gråmossgrön. Vill HA de snygga hundarna i min soffa!

Sarah James Larsson sa...

Hej Tove! Visst är de fina - mina hundar! Vi har de flesta hemma. Säg till vilken du gillar så kollar jag om det finns på lagret. Jag kan skicka till dig. Hälsningar.